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MPLC Strikes Partnership In Taiwan – Global Leader In Public Exhibition Licensing Continues Asia Expansion

Los Angeles, CA: MPLC is delighted to announce today that it has reached agreement with Proview Entertainment Co. Ltd. to represent its public performance licensing interests in Taiwan.

The new agreement is the latest move in the global licensing leader’s recent Asia expansion. In 2018, it brought on former Motion Picture Association executive and entertainment industry
veteran Frank Rittman as President of MPLC Asia, to oversee new operations in Hong Kong and beyond.

“We’re thrilled to bring Proview onboard as our exclusive agent in Taiwan to introduce the MPLC Umbrella License® to the market,” says Rittman. “Every territory in Asia is slightly different, and Proview’s vast knowledge and practical experience drawn from years of doing business successfully here will be an invaluable asset for us.”

Launched in 1991, Proview is now one of Taiwan’s largest non-theatrical distributors, representing a number of major Hollywood studios including The Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century
Fox, and United International Pictures as well as major independents like MGM, Embankment, and Pathé. According to MPAA statistics, Taiwan is the fourteenth largest theatrical market in the
world outside of the United States, accounting for approximately 400M USD in box office revenue in 2019.

“We’re honored to have this opportunity to bring the Umbrella License to Taiwan,” said Mr. Tom Hsiao, Proview’s General Manager.

MPLC Vice Chairman & CEO, Mike Weatherley has enacted sweeping changes since being named CEO in January 2019. A former Member of the British Parliament and IP Advisor to Prime
Minister David Cameron, Weatherley is passionate about MPLC’s professionalism and expertise in the realm of public exhibition licensing.

“We know public exhibition licensing,” says Weatherley. “Globally, MPLC is second to none when it comes to promoting intellectual property rights, raising awareness about copyright law, and
collecting revenue for our represented rights holders. We look forward to providing more legal means of exhibition in Taiwan and continuing to strike new agreements elsewhere throughout the

About Proview: Proview has a long history of introducing legitimate film licensing to Taiwan since the early 1990’s and has been the leading non-theatrical distributor in the market, providing a winwin solution for both private sector businesses and government agencies. Learn more at

About MPLC: Motion Picture Licensing Corporation is a global leader in public exhibition licensing, supporting legal access to movies, TV, and other audio-visual content in 36 countries. Through its Umbrella License, a blanket license for public exhibition, MPLC represents a variety of rights holders, ranging from Hollywood studios to independent producers. MPLC licensees include government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. All told, more than 500,000 locations around the world publicly exhibit content legally with the Umbrella License.